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Document Translation

eTranslate has a large translation department that addresses a broad range of interpreting, translation and multilingual publication needs.

Our services include:

  • Professional Interpreting - for onsite or telephone interpreting Conference Interpreting - for convention, business conference and special delegation
  • Professional Translation - for business documents, legal documents and technical manuals
  • Volume translation at bulk rate - for large volume of text, we offer bulk translation rate up (up to 45% off)
  • Professional Proof-reading and Checking - for proof reading of other agency work or further quality assurance
  • Professional Back Translation - back translation of an existing translation into English for verification
  • Email Translation - automated email translation for companies doing business overseas
  • Business Translation - a combination of rapid response services including business document translation, fax/email translation and language support for business enquiries
  • Web Site Translation - translated Web site of all types including Flash site and site managed by CMS
  • Typesetting and Desktop Publishing of Brochures, Booklets, Poster and even Bill Boards - professional typesetting in over 200 formats
  • Multilingual (all types) printing - we have an inhouse printing facility that delivers printing in all languages. This save printing cost by with the same agency.
  • Provision of voice talents - provide talents for voice overs and acting
  • Voice overs and subtitles on video and TV advertisements - our recording studio allows recording and integrating language voice overs as well as inserting subtitles into video and TV advertisements

We cover 120 languages including rare and indigenous languages. We maintain a network of over 7000 translators and language specialist across Australia and around the world.

All translation is performed by NAATI accredited translators with at least 3 years experience. All translators are trained in eTranslate translation methodology which ensure greater accuracy, consistency while addressing any cultural issues.

eTranslate is a quality assured company and all our works go through a 3 point check quality control process. The English source document is checked for any translation or cultural issue before translation begins. The completed translation is checked by an internal reviewer. Final checking will be performed by an independent checker or a subject matter expert. If our client requires changes to the translation, we are happy to reflect those changes in.

For technical, we have subject matter experts who ensures that translation provided reflects the industry terms and jargons.

All projects are managed by dedicated project officers (with at least 5 years experience). We provide regular project updates via email and also via our Web site.

We provide on secure login to our online Dynamic Translation Console (DTC) where our client would be able to get online quotes, submit jobs online, and download the translation online. The console also provides progressive reporting on the translation tasks and billing status.

Our state of the art translation management system allows us to streamline the process of translation and offer our customer at least 30% in savings while still access the expertise of NAATI accredited translators, community review of translation and the promotion via ethnic print and radio.

We provide discounted rates for our corporate clients. eTranslate can provide a corporate account with a set discount rate. Our payment terms are 30 days from the day of invoice.

Our clients ranges from government to large corporates and SMEs. These include National Australia Bank, Telstra, eWizard, Pepsi, ANZ, Verisign, Tourism Victoria, Qantas, Sydney Olympics, The Australia and New Zealand Insurance Institute, AXA, University of Sydney, Australia Tax Office and many others. Attached is sample work we have done for Invest Australia (IA_Wealth_Japanese_Screen.pdf)

We are unique in our ability to empower our multicltural customers to use the Internet to publishing language information and to extend the reach further into the multicultural audience. (see client profiles)

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We deliver multilingual Web site to

  • Brisbane City Council http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/community/languages/index.shtml
  • City of Darebin www.darebin.vic.gov.au
  • Tourism Victoria www.visitmelbourne.com
  • Melbourne Museum http://melbourne.museum.vic.gov.au/about/languages/chinese_s.asp
  • Marine Safety Victoria www.marinesafety.vic.gov.au
  • DIMIA http://www.immi.gov.au/search_for/multilingual.htm
  • Study In Australia http://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/sia/splash.htm
  • Invest Australia http://www.investaustralia.gov.au/
  • and many others

eTranslate was the winner behind the 1999,2000 and 2001 Multicultural Marketing Award.

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