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Translation Management

Brief Introduction
Today's need for translation is usually not limited to a simple transfer of text from one language into another. All product components, such as software, documentation, and online help systems must be made available for people from all language areas with the same degree of usability. This is especially true for web presences of companies, since the Internet in particular enables companies to present their products or services globally.

What eTranslate Offer
eTranslate has successfully completed translation projects in over 120 languages for projects as large as 1,000,000 words and as complex as 20 languages.

We utilize its Online Translation Gateway - Translatum: to manage large translation projects from inception to completion. These projects often require the work of numerous translators located in all regions of the world, possessing varying certifications, working in different time zones, and producing translations with individual style.

Our professional individuals manage this network to produce exceptionally accurate, culturally sensitive, and timely translations. During over 10 years of multilingual work, we have been able to screen, select, and evaluate world-class translators from around the world.

Our translators satisfy the following minimum criteria:

  1. At least 5 years of translation experience, including formal training and translation industry certifications.
  2. Must be native speaker of the target language.
  3. Must understand Internet technology and keep up with current web terminology.

Accuracy and relevance of meanings and words in different situations are being adhered to explicitly. eTranslate follows strict methods of quality assurance: correct terminology, layout and exactness of both content and form.

Cost & Timeframe
You may need to translate in Word Document, PDF format, HTML, XML, ASP, Quark and more. Different formats entail different pricing.

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