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Translation Management System


World Wide Sites are a complex and expensive investment but has become essential in driving your brand internationally and secure global markets

You may have an existing Content Management System to manage the existing English website that may not have language support and proper workflow to manage language sites.

Developing World Wide Sites requires coordination of many multi-discipline resources dispersed around the world working between time zones to deliver high quality language marketing content.

As the number of language sites and content increase, the cost increases exponentially while turnaround time is lengthen. Getting information rapidly to meet market needs while keeping cost down is one of the challenges global company face today

Our Translation Management System (TMS) - Merix provides the solution that many global companies today have used to cost effectively deploy their World Wide sites eliminating the manual and labour intensive tasks, duplication and communication gap that plague current globalization process.

Why use Merix – Translation Management System

Any multilingual site owners would appreciate the high cost in translating content, the importance of having localised and cultural attuned translation, the tedious work involves in integrating the translation to produce language pages, the challenge of ensuring the sites meet overseas standards and challenges in identifying impact to the language text when changes are made on the language text.

Furthermore, as regional operations demand more from regional sites, you may need to define a model where they can fulfil some of their needs themselves by updating their own content.

These are the issues that Translation Management System addresses and it is also the proven model used by many international companies worldwide.


Translation Management System streamlines the content preparation, translation, review and deployment processes. Below are the main features of the TMS:

  • Intergrate with any CMS
  • Workflow Management
  • Users permmission and roles assignment
  • Automated communication between users
  • Web-based application
  • WYSIWYG remote authoring tools
  • Supports FTP, HTTP and e-mail methods of submitting translated contents
  • Reports to meet your project requirements: status reports, deadlines, costs, workload, quality parameters
  • Email notification to translators
  • Routes output files to desired locations and recipients
  • Reduces proofreading and processing costs
  • Links with a customer's own workflow, content or document management system

How it works

The workload of translators has already been lowered to a great extent by translation memory and other computer-assisted translation tools. Transit, the translation memory product from eTranslate, has been used for many years in the industry and allows you to achieve significant cost savings. The next step is the automation of routine operations and processes so that resources can be used effectively.

The system is best used to address the following business requirements:

  • A large number of small content with critical deadlines that must be regularly translated into several languages (e.g. service bulletins)
  • Content in significant volume that is created or maintained in modules.
  • Cost reduction by cutting back administrative overhead
  • Shorter turnaround times or less errors by eliminating the human factor in routine processing
  • Reliably monitoring the status and quality of work performed.
The system server automatically prepares a translation project based on the information provided by the customer (including "best" player selection for processing during the workflow). Sends the job data to a qualified translator. A purchase order can automatically be generated and sent with the job.

The translator accepts the job, notifies the workflow server automatically, and launches the Transit translation memory tool. The translator can also use the client web-interface to download the package and launch Transit manually. The finished job is sent back to the server.


The benefits of employing the Translation Management System include:
  • Enabling your team to product Web based language information without the need to know how to produce HTML language Web pages.
  • Reduces the cost of translation, allows translation on the changed text only
  • Removes the cost of HTML language page production altogether.
  • Enables you to expedite translation to external translator and receive the translation directly from them over the Internet using the Translation Management System Translation console
  • Provides tools to manage review and approval and
  • Allows the site to grow in pages and in new languages without additional cost.

Cost Comparisons

Without the translation management system, every time you create a page, you will incur the cost of

  1. The Translation
  2. The cost of producing the Web page or PDF (in the case of the PDF, every time you have to edit a page the entire PDF will need to be created. If your team is to do the translation themselves, they also need to make sure that their PC environment is capable of delivering translation in Unicode/ Web complaint format.

With the Translation Management System, creating a language page will simply invoice flagging a page to be translated, the Translation Management System notifies the translator to logon and translate online. Finally, you simply receive the translation, get someone to review the translation online and set the page live.

Quantitatively if we were to compare the cost -

Option 1 - Without the Translation Management System, a page will cost -
For translation (assumed 350 words per page) $98.00 per language
For page building $30-$40 per page per language

Option 2 - With the Translation Management System, a page will cost
For translation only (assumed 350 words) $98.00 or lower if your team was to do it in house.

No cost for page building.

So if you web site was to have 150 pages across 4 languages.
Then the cost savings will be approx $24,500 in this instance.

For a schedule demonstration or on site presentation on it will fast track your globalization objectives, please submit your enquiries below.


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