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eTranslate won the Technology Prize at the 2007 National Multicultural Marketing Awards

eTranslate won the technology prize for its multilingual and multicultural online sport information and ticketing system which not only addresses language needs but recognises the different purchasing behaviours of people of different cultural backgrounds.

The company was named winner of the Technology prize at the 2007 Multicultural Marketing Awards Presentation in Sydney hosted by the NSW Premier and Minister for Citizenship, Morris Iemma.

eTranslate says it was chosen because of the broad cultural diversity that Australia brings and our ability to utilise our multicultural workforce to address the needs of the client. They claimed that no other system had the ability to work effectively in different languages and different currencies at the same time.

The system was fully developed by April 2006 and has successfully reached 2 million users and secured over 50,000 premium ticket purchases.

The Chair of the Community Relations Commission which has been running the Awards since 1989, Stepan Kerkyasharian said tonight: ˇ°The success was not only a testament to eTranslate's technology, but also to the cultural diversity and flexibility of our Australian multicultural workforce.

ˇ°This again clearly demonstrates our international multicultural credentials.

ˇ°eTranslate is pioneer in multilingual communications and has developed many systems that exploit the natural advantage of the computer and the internet working in multilingual environments. This company has remained in the vanguard of language-based information technologies for a number of years with a skilled team comprised of cultural experts, languages experts, IT specialists and on-line marketersˇ±, he said.

In their application for the Multicultural Marketing Awards eTranslate described their ticket system in this way: ˇ°The heart of the multilingual ticketing system consists of a multilingual information management system, a multicultural shopping cart and a multi-currency payment gateway ¨C all of which are critical technologies and ones that recognised each user group are unique in their purchasing patterns and provided the support to address them

Commission Chair, Stepan Kerkyasharian said: ˇ°This entry proves that cultural diversity pays off for Australia and reinforces our efforts with these awards to discover and acknowledge those people who are using our wonderful resources of language and cultural knowledge for the economic success of Australia ˇ±.

For more information, contact Wayne Tseng at wayne.tseng@etranslate.com.au   or +61 3 9830 7230.



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