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eBusiness Globalization Suite

At a glance
eTranslate’s eGlobalization Suite - eGlobalization Suite is a suite of fully integrated applications that assist organisations in globalising their IT infrastructure, translate their business information and development Web site and online application to reach out and secure global customers.

eGlobalization Suite applications work seamlessly to automate many processes associated with content translation, language enabling of IT system, multilingual content publishing, conducting global e-commerce and international online marketing.

Why use Merlin?
Localising IT infrastructures and business systems is a complex exercise and requires employing proven process to ensure its success and cost effectiveness. eGlobalization Suite embeds these proven processes and provides tool to streamline the tasks to ensure minimum resource is required to complete a quality product.

Unique Features
The eGlobalization suites provide a comprehensive range of applications to address all levels of globalization needs. These include:

  • Multicultural Content Management System - provides the repository, content authoring and management for language documents and Web sites

  • Translation Management System – provide a workflow to automate the process of translation and tools to enable rapid development of language content

  • Dynamic Content Tracker -Tracks impact on content changes of the English source (source site) on language content

  • Extensive Translator Database - links to our online database of over 5000 translators

  • Dynamic Translation Dispatcher – allows managers to assigns and tracks jobs to translators

  • Dynamic Translation Console - provides all the language online editing tools to edit, delete and update translations

  • Dynamic Review Console – tools to ensure the quality control of translations

  • Translation Memory Manager – enables re-use of existing translation and ensure consistency

  • Glossary Builder – allows the building of unique terms and references for technical and corporate use

  • Language Blades - language translation modules that provide first parse translation prior to refinements perform by human translators

  • Multilingual Editing Environment – enables organisation to create, receive and manage multilingual business communication

  • Multi-currency Payment Gateways – enable eCommerce Web site to accept payments in different currencies

  • International Traffic Manager – optimises language sites for language search engines and attracts overseas traffic

Using eGlobalization Suite, organisation will have instant access to proven globalization methodologies and processes, which are embedded in the application workflow. This enables many benefits including

  • Effective enable of internal IT system to support globalization
  • Rapid development of language information
  • Reduced cost of production and update of language information
  • Enabled rapid response to changing market needs
  • Empowered to manage own international business communication and
  • Access to global network of language experts

Applications within the suite is developed using Microsoft technologies and is compatible with a wide range of software application and software development toolkits.

System Requirements
eTranslate’s software applications are efficient in computer resource utilization and only demand moderate computer resource to attain full performance.

Sever Requirements
PC Server with Intel Pentium III 500 MHz or higher, 512 MB RAM and a minimum of 1GB free disk space. Windows 2000 Advanced Server, SQL Server or other RDBMS.

Workstation Requirements
PC Workstation with Intel Pentium II 300MHz or higher, 128 MB RAM and a minimum of 300MB free disk space. Windows 98 or higher.

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