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Multilingual B2B eMarketplace

B2B E-Commerce, Marketplaces & Exchanges
Today there is a universal acceptance of the Internet and the growing importance of B2B E-Commerce. In fact, the question now facing many businesses is not when, but how best to get into E-Commerce and E-Business?

In their eCommerce: B2B Report (February 2001), “eMarketer forecasts healthy growth in e-commerce in the years to come, especially in the business-to-business sector. The meltdown in the once high-flying Internet sector in the U.S. won’t cause any long term to the New Economy. Fortune 500 companies and corporate multinationals have taken the mantle from start-ups that once promised to revolutionize business, and are investing heavily in efforts to move their supply chains online”.

Further, according to iSource Business, “digital marketplaces are here to stay and growing exponentially. …although the volume of business will grow, the number of marketplaces will not.” Forrester Research predicts that eventually “only 181 marketplaces will be left standing… and four types of marketplaces will emerge by 2004” These are below in Figure 2.

Buyers are also expanding their use of electronic marketplaces at a rapid pace, and in a Delphi group study, “50% of organisations considering online solutions will spend more than US$ 500,000 on B2B technologies… and 13% will spend more than $1 million to $20 million”.

Dynamic Buy-Sell Solutions for E-Business
The expectations and requirements of businesses are varied and many, and we at Fear & Trembling have tried to offer a way to allow businesses to enter at the right comfort level - through a cost effective, highly customisable, easily deployable set of products and solutions – and to allow for some quick successes!

Our proposed solution begins with Myriad B-B Commerce, a comprehensive B2B application framework, and our Myriad Biz family of products offers customisable dynamic buy-sell components that can be deployed as buyer centric, seller centric, or even combined together to create a neutral marketplace.

The Myriad B-B Commerce Application Framework
All Myriad Biz products are built on the Myriad B-B Commerce Application Framework, which provides the platform and common components on which the functionality for Myriad BizBuyer, Myriad BizSeller and Myriad BizMarket is built.

Myriad B-B Commerce includes the following core components and modules:

User Management

This module basically allows the site operator to manage the registered traders (buyers/sellers/brokers) and members on the site. It does this via the online registration of these members through subscription rules, user selected preferences, and membership or trader categories. There is also an online secure password management function in case members lose or forget their password. Other security features include password encryption, lock access account, and audit trail logs.

Content & Publishing

    a. Catalogue Management
    This allows users to set up a catalogue by defining its categories and sub-categories. It then allows the catalogue owner to maintain the catalogue by adding, deleting or editing the categories.

    b. Product Administration
    The user can set up and maintain a product, which can belong to multiple categories. It also includes a function to feature product(s) by specifying promotion duration.

    c. News Publishing
    This allows the user to publish news articles, with personalization features and expiry dates.

    d. Advertising Management
    The site administrator can upload banners and publish the banners in the form of advertisements on the site, together with commencement and expiry dates.

    e. Bulletin Board
    The site administrator can set up bulleting boards for announcements, or delegate the authority to moderators to manage discussions and postings. Postings can either be real-time, or an approval basis.

    f. Personalised Catalogues
    Personalised Catalogues allow a seller to create a catalogue with unique products and with terms and pricing that are specific to a buyer. Only this specific buyer can buy these products on the personalised catalogues. Among the items that can be personalised include products, catalogue structures and pricing.

Purchase Order Generator
The Purchase Order Generator supports the ordering process of organizations by allowing designated buyers to raise purchase orders for products or services on catalogues, or from an RFQ. Upon submission, the order will be routed through the necessary approval channels in the buyer organization before being sent to the supplier(s). Also, the buyer can opt to create a single Purchase Order, even though the products are from multiple suppliers, Upon submission, the Purchase Order will then be split up and sent to individual suppliers, who will each receive only the Purchase Order for their respective products. Both buyer and seller can print the generated Purchase Order online.

Order Management
Purchase Orders can be managed at line item levels, which means that items on a Purchase Order can have different shipment dates and status. The order management allows buyers to check on the status of their purchase orders and access reports on purchase order histories. On the seller side, this module is used to inform the buyers of changes in the status of a purchase order. This module can be linked to a service provider for further collaboration, even for financial settlements.

Shared Functions
  • Search Engine
    The search engine is multi-parameter and performs product searches, company searches, news searches, and electronic trade opportunities searches.
  • Reporting
    Customised reports are available according to the requirements of the site operator.
  • Content Archive.
    This archiving function allows the site operator/administrator to archive news, electronic trade opportunities as well as the ability to search and delete as and when required.

Myriad BizBuyer, Myriad BizSeller & Myriad BizMarket
Myriad BizBuyer is buyer centric, meaning a single buyer, multiple seller application suitable for procurement applications. Myriad BizReverseAuctions allows the buyer to source for products or services based on the best offer, and can be an extension of Myriad BizSeller, or a complete stand-alone application.

Myriad BizSeller is a seller centric, meaning a single seller, multiple buyer application suitable for sales and distribution applications. Myriad BizAuctions allows a seller to dispose of excess inventory through an online auction and can be an extension of Myriad BizSeller, or a complete stand-alone application.

Myriad BizMarket is a trading room that integrates basic Myriad BizBuyer and Myriad BizSeller functionality with additional negotiation, collaboration and contract management tools to simulate the real life business process from sourcing, through to negotiation, and ordering. Myriad BizMarket also supports the sourcing decisions of the buyers by allowing them to manage current suppliers, source for alternate suppliers and products as well as to create scorecards to rate the suppliers, and supports organizational negotiations from both buyer and seller perspectives, allowing the adoption of an RFQ or Response To RFQ module, either based on a single, or multiple stages RFQ, as well as a negotiation flow to cater for offers and counter offers, and also allows for the integration of the negotiation flow into a Purchase Order or Contract

Custom Development, Business Processes, Workflow & Integration
The family of Myriad Biz products are easily customisable, and as the Myriad B-B Commerce Application Framework is business rule driven, it is possible to quickly develop new and unique dynamic buy-sell components and modules based on proprietary requirements.

Myriad B-B Commerce also provides a platform for customising and developing specific business processes and workflow, and provides an architecture allowing integration to service providers, marketplaces and existing legacy enterprise applications.

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