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Multilingual Feedback Mechanism

The Internet has become an ideal channel to reach out and interact with non-English speaking users. Multilingual Web sites offers an ideal communication tool to reach out and deliver messages target non-English users. However, it does not offer the means for the users to interact with the Web site or the organisation in their own languages.

eTranslate's multilingual feedback mechanism provides a practical and flexible means for non-English users to interact with the multilingual Web sites and submit their query/feedbacks.

The multilingual feedback mechanism attracts a low setup a running cost and employ contemporary technologies that attracts zero maintenance. It has many applications from collecting community feedbacks, to online registration an e-commerce.

The multilingual feedback mechanism enables the capturing of information in selected one language automatic translate the information and deliver in target languages. It enables many online Web site to have the ability to reach out and interact with multicultural or overseas users.

The mechanism can enable multilingual enquiry form, multilingual booking and ordering system.

There are two methods of implementation:

1) employing the user of software and
2) through human translator working on a translation gateway.

The multilingual feedback form supports over 120 language at any direction including English to English.

There are many applications for the multilingual feedback mechanism.

For tourism operators, universities and exporters, the multilingual feedback mechanism can be used to enable multilingual enquiry forms, online enrolment, online booking and ordering.

For government agencies, the multilingual feedback mechanism can be used to get feedback from the multicultural audience on a multicultural campaign. This will allow measurable results to be established from a campaign.

For international companies, it is useful mechanism to get services international audience without having the need to hire bi-lingual staff.

Is quite easy.

There are two options for implementation :

Option 1 Option 2
incorporate the use of a translating software as the initial point of translation, supplement by translators working on an translation gateway. directs to an translation gateway where translator will provide the translation within an agreed timeframe and the translation is delivered back to the recipient.

For either options, the implementation procedure involves working with the client to develop the form with the fields required to capture the necessary information. This is then integrated into the Web site. Once all set full testing is performed before it is deployed live

There are two parts to the cost:

1) Setup cost
Option 1 Setup Cost $2990 per language
Option 2 Setup Cost $990 per language

2) Operation Cost
Option 1 Around $30 per feedback
Option 2 Annual license $2300 per annual -unlimited number of messages

All prices includes GST

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