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Cultural Training

Who should attend
The seminar will be designed to cater for personnel who have regular contact with overseas client. This may be by way of travel to overseas to conduct business but also in the form of receiving visitors from overseas into their local office or simply via regular telephone contact, correspondence or electronic media.

Format of seminar
The half-day seminar is designed to introduce participants to some cross-cultural social and business issues. Participants will be introduced to the foreign culture via a powerpoint presentation format and interactive discussion led by a overseas cross-cultural trainer. A luncheon will be served on-site at the client’s office at the end of the training highlighting the foreign banquetting etiquette and table manners.

Topics to be covered
Topics of presentation and discussion generally touch on two main areas : everyday culture and business ethics.

    1. General information about the target country and the people
    (population, ethnic diversity & religions, brief geographical & historical overview)
    2. Traditions, customs & courtesies & western expectations
    3. Traditional dress / everyday clothing / business attire
    4. Non-verbal communication : body language & facial gesture etc.
    5. Verbal communication : introductions & presentation of business card
    Business Ethics
    1. Economy & politics
    2. Negotiation techniques
    3. The concept of time and punctuality
    4. On being a guest & associated etiquette : entertaining counterpart/being entertained by
    5. Creating an environment of harmony, trust and respect & establishing authority
    Participants will be provided with a comprehensive booklet containing ample information on all topics.

For more information, please email info@etranslate.biz


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