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Localization Basics

Course Description
This course is an introduction to Localization concepts and processes. It covers the basic Localization concepts, a standard process model for Localization and Localization specific tools. Finally the course addresses Localization management guidelines and specific issues and pitfalls.

Audience: The course is designed for Localization management and staff.

The course is approximately 4 hours in duration.

The course has the following prerequisites:
  • Globalization Basics

    1. Review of basic localization concepts
    2. Localization requirements as input to the process
    3. Activities involved in the localization process
    4. The Localization process model
    5. The use of tools in Localization
    6. The importance of Localization kits
    7. Quality Control of all localized deliverables
    8. Localization management Guidelines and issues and pitfalls
    9. Question and Answer



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